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So if this were a scene in a film, not that I have secret hankerings to star in a movie, not. Who wouldn’t. Sorry, back on track. Movie scene… I enter stage left with tall, well-dressed gentleman. We are walking into a room full of, one can only be described as, ‘happy people’. It was most definitely a party and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Plenty of small groups chatting away with each other.

My guide leads me through the crowd to a corner of the room. There, sat in a leather Chesterfield two-seater settee is who we’ve come to see. Mr Wealthy Affiliate. Now I’ve not met him before but his reputation preceded him. Generous to a fault, intelligent, driven, giving in a truly altruistic way and welcoming. We’ll see, I thought, no one is ever as they are described and I prefer to leave judgement until I have actually met someone face to face.


Giving a bowl of tomatoes

Obviously, the above is a poor attempt at satirical humour. My bad. Still, as an exercise I’m going to go with it and see if I can tie in all those good things I mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate. They might not be a person but as a platform it does have a pulse. A heartbeat. There is an ebb and flow that can be felt through the expressions within ‘posts’.

‘Generous is as generous does’. That’s not even a proper saying but it will do just nicely here thank you. How can a platform be ‘generous’ ? Well, I suppose, if you felt that you were getting more than you expected, maybe ? Let’s go with that. As a free starter you get 7 days of everything. So far you’ve paid nothing and in return you get everything. That looks like generosity to me.


Subjective ? No, I don’t think so but that’s my opinion. Did you see what I did there ? No ?, oh well, wasted. There are two ways of going about this one. The first is the obvious. The platform is intelligent because it is constantly monitoring your progress and pointing you towards the correct areas, certainly as far as training goes. It keeps an eye on your activity level and ‘ranks’ you accordingly. It also keeps an eye on your content and makes sure it’s always ‘unique’ and ‘original’. With constant notifications available it’s like having a PA. That’s ‘Personal Assistant’. As if I would.

French bulldog wearing glasses.

The other tangible area of ‘Intelligence’ is the community. I mean it, the depth of knowledge and expertise is unrivalled. There is a ‘Search Bar’ which you can use anytime. You can either post a question and wait for an answer or you can use it to search by just typing a relevant word, then you’ll be given a drop-down list of anything connected, be it blogs, questions or training. Looking for an answer asap ? Then you can use live chat and hope that someone is online that can help. Sometimes other members will do the leg work for you, they are much quicker at finding relevant content.

You have to remember that many of the members are already exceptionally successful online entrepreneurs. They’ve been doing this stuff for years. You never stop learning. They also stay to help, that’s right, to help. No condescension, no patronising just pure, altruistic help.


Again this is two-fold at least. Near enough everyone who is active is driven. They all share the desire to succeed. Not only that, they want everyone else to succeed as well. There are posts of achievements every single day. Whether it’s having content indexed by Google, completing a section of the training, publishing their first web page, reaching a new high in the rankings, or even just celebrating the fact that someone left a comment on their website.

Whether you are just starting out or have been at it for a while, doesn’t make any difference. The level of comradery is exceptional. There’s no judgement attached just ‘help’ as and when you need it. There’s no end to the amount of ‘good will’ that is forthcoming.

If you ever find yourself struggling and thinking of throwing the towel in, just reach out, before you know it there will a handful A man climbing a steep rock.

of people surrounding you with offers of support. Most nearly everyone hits the ‘wall’ at some point and to be able to share that with others who have travelled the same road and faced the same issues is a massive help.

The owners, Kyle and Carson are majorly ‘driven’. It would be easy for them to just sit back and wallow in their success in building this unique platform They don’t. Far from it. They are active and visible members of the community. No only that, they are constantly looking for ways to improve the site. They have also provided loads of training tutorials and amassed a huge collection of informative blogs.

Even if that wasn’t enough, you will quite often see them pop up either on a thread with a comment, or on live chat. They really are committed and driven towards making your online journey the best one they can.


I could probably get away with not saying much more about welcoming as I’ve covered it quite a bit already. I will though. When you first join up, even as a free starter, you’ll soon find a welcome message from Kyle in your ‘Profile’ comments section. First glance it might look like an automated response, for the most part it may well be, however there’s enough in there about you for you to realise that he’s actually read some, if not all, of your ‘Bio’. Imagine getting that off Bill Gates when you first sign up for an ‘Outlook’ account. A sign saying everyone is welcome

Here’s the thing. When Kyle and Carson first got together, sure they wanted to create a successful business but that wasn’t the ‘be all and end all’. They wanted to create something that people like you and me could use, straight out of the box. Most of us at some time in the past have wondered what it would be like to venture into the online world and have our own website. The problem was it was complicated and expensive, certainly if you had to employ someone to design you site. Their vision was to make a platform where the trials and tribulations were taken out of the equation. All the ‘heavy lifting’ done for you.

The benefits are here for all to see. The huge bonus of the way they have set everything up the way they have is that the ‘Pay it Forward’ sentiment carries on through to the end user. Us. It’s contagious. I think that may well have been the intention all the way back when. Such vision.


Well I should have finished by now as I’ve covered all the initial attributes I laid out in the opening paragraph. I’m on a role so The world map on a pair of hands

I’m just going to go with it. What do I mean by ‘Global’ ? Pretty much what it says. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform is worldwide. It has its roots in Canada but it’s branches reach out across the world. You will meet members from all the countries of the world. Different cultures and different backgrounds to your own. One word would be, cosmopolitan.

It’s inspiring when you click on someones profile and realise they are on the other side of the world. Reading about their everyday life. The world is a big place but here it becomes much smaller, more like home. A home where everyone is welcome.

There now, this is a good place to stop. I ‘ve tried to give you more of a ‘feel’ for Wealthy Affiliate, rather than a long list of what it’s all about.

If you’d like to read about how I first came across WA you can do so by clicking on the link below.


So until next time I will bid you adieu, if you would like to ask a question or leave a comment, feel free to do so below.

Be well.

Twack Romero.

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