My Digital Path-The First Steps

Digital Steps

So another chapter begins. My Digital Path-The First Steps is just that. Here’s how I started. From greasy hands to sore fingertips in the space of a few short weeks.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the direction I had intended to go in. Did ‘fate’ lend a hand ? Was this ‘destiny’ ? Who knows. What I do know is that at the beginning of the year I had a plan in my head and by the end of the first month I was rapidly re-writing it…quite literally

Changing GearGear shifter

As is sometimes the case in life, things just take us by surprise…those that say, ‘it happens for a reason’ were, in this instant, absolutely right. If you’re up to date with my story thus far, you ‘ll know that for that last few years I have been buying and selling older Jaguars. There have been a few other vehicles in between but mainly big, old, unloved Jaguar saloons. A passion became a hobby and then turned into a ‘sort of’ business… Not that serious, I just tried to be a bit more professional and not let my heart rule my decision-making….easier said than done, to be sure.

After much deliberating and a bit of an ‘epiphany’ moment, I decided it was time for a change….If you wan to play ‘catch-up’ you can start that little section here before going any further forward. Basically, I came to realise that apart from actually working on the cars, I didn’t really enjoy much else. Not the buying or the selling. So two-thirds of my venture was not enjoyable…time for something new.

What To Do ?

This actually turned out to quite complicated, especially from the outside looking in. In truth, the way it all happened was quite serendipitous. I had made the decision to stop with by ‘business’ now, although it was not a huge money earner, in factPuzzled

it ran quite happily as a ‘non-profit’, it did provide the odd injection of finances, now and then…plus I included any of the other household cars into the ‘service umbrella’ or parts replacement. These little extras would still need to be financed. It also meant that the small amounts of ‘cash’ that might be fluttering around had now flown away…they also needed to be replaced.

Going out and getting a proper job was a possibility…although it was viewed upon as a step back and would put a strain on the ‘day to day’ running of a busy household… Part-time might work ?, maybe.

All that said, we had created a ‘Work, life balance’ a number of years ago and although money was tight, it had been manageable. It had also enabled my wife to pursue her own career without having to worry about what was going on at home. That in itself was worth trying to keep hold of.

So whichever way you spun it, I had to come up with something viable that would at least keep the ‘Status Quo’

First Decision Made

Again, if you’re up to speed, you’ll know I did spend some time fixing and refurbishing computers and laptops. I had fallen into this by accident and learnt as I went. To the point where I bought a pallet of old desktop computers, forty-four in total. I stripped, cleaned and upgraded them all and then sold them on. Add into that a handful of laptops, a few phones and other bits and bobs of technology. It was fun times and relatively lucrative.

Times changed and I moved on. However, it was something that I thought might be worth looking into again. After a brief discussion with my wife, that was the direction we decided I should go into.

I had sold off anything and everything not nailed down, in connection to the cars and had an amount of capital sat waiting to be used for the next venture. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to move forward but at least now I had a plan of what I wanted to do. Buy some broken PC’s and/or laptops and try to fix them..simples.

Thanks, For The ‘Scam’

Like I said at the beginning, things don’t always go the way you expect them to. January seems to be quite a hectic month. By the time I actually started to try to make some progress into my new-found vocation, we were three quarters of the way through the month.


Now we have one of those ‘Fate/destiny’ moments, that I alluded to earlier. Having had the same e-mail address for many, many years, it is not surprising that I receive plenty of ‘spam’. For the most part, I can recognise it straight away and subsequently delete it on sight. When I have more time available I will try to ‘unsubscribe’ form their mailing lists. For whatever reason, one morning I decided to give a particular ‘spam’ e-mail the benefit of the doubt and read it.

It was an ‘Opportunity not to be missed’ a ‘Once in a lifetime offer’ so on and so forth. I really must have had nothing better to do because I clicked on it and started to watch the video presentation. Mr. Green, As I like to remember him as, gave me the spiel about his secret formula for making money online….only a few places left before he retired and took his scheme with him. Well he held my wavering attention for about ten minutes of the scheduled thirty…then I clicked him away into the ether.

Not Quite A ‘Laptop Lifestyle’

You’d think that should be the end of it, yes ?…Noooo…not sure what possessed me but I was intrigued about the validity of what I had just watched… I knew it was ‘Too good to be true’…they always are. My interest had been ‘piqued’ though and I thought I would do some ‘sleuthing’ to find out more about this particular ‘shiny object’ as I believe they are now referred to in the online community.

Using a few of the words from the title and the gentlemans ‘screen’ name I went about doing some due diligence… In very quick time I came upon a review of the scheme I had been looking at..result.

No surprises, the reviewer confirmed everything I suspected and added a few salient points, to boot. I actually quite enjoyed Laptop

the write-up. It wasn’t harsh or demeaning to the ‘owner’. He just said that to make any serious money with the scheme, you would probably have to invest a ‘barrow full’ first…not want you want to hear when you’re first starting out.

Towards the end of the article the writer moved onto more general references in regard to making money online and suggested, that if you, the reader, were interested in venturing into the wonderful world of ‘MMO’ or making money online, then there was a site well worth a visit…no catch…no strings…nothing up front apart from you e-mail address.

Well, that has to be worth at least a visit, wouldn’t you think ? Yes indeed… I clicked the link and began yet another chapter.

Plans Change

I about ready to wrap this one up shortly…otherwise I’ll be leaving you ‘hanging out there’. Needless to say, I followed the link and liked what I found… It wasn’t what I was looking for…but then sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until you find it.

I had been introduced to Wealthy Affiliate, an online platform designed for ‘Affiliate Marketeers’. I had no idea what that was but I was interested enough to want to find out….and that’s exactly what I did.

Wealthy Affiliate

The reviewer was spot on though… I was free to enter with just my e-mail and the princely sum of nothing…. I had full access to everything and I wasn’t going to say no to that….

It certainly wasn’t anything to do with fixing old computers…but there was a tenuous link in there somewhere. I was about to embark on a journey that has changed my plans and the course of my life.

I look forward to sharing the next stage of ‘My Digital Path’ with you soon.

Thank you, as always for reading and taking time out of your busy days, it’s very much appreciated.

Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

Be well.

Twack Romero

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