Yellow rubbish truck with the word think on.

I wanted to create a website where I was able to tell my story and at the same time give back in any way possible. I have have done this is by sharing my experiences in the hope that they resonate with you. At the same time, if I can help redirect you to some of the resources I have found useful. This may also prompt you into finding something useful yourself.

This page is for all the stuff I still have in my head that might not have enough legs to create a whole page in itself. There might only be a tenuous link to the sites ethos but maybe just enough to get you thinking or send you off to do some research on your own.

Blogging a One Sided Conversation?

Maybe, maybe not. When I read something that engages me I don’t think of it as one sided. True, the person writing cannot respond directly to my internal questions, but by default, if I have a question, then we already have a dialogue.

So I will leave the rest up to you. I hope that you find something of use either in what you read, or if you decide to follow a thought and end up somewhere else that scratches that itch. Enjoy and thank you

Twack Romero

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