Food Combining Made Easy

Food combining

For some, you will already be well aware of this little gem for the rest of you, read on. With a few small alterations to your daily diet you will reap the benefits and start enjoying a trouble free, digestive heaven. This is food combining made easy for you and a more healthy lifestyle.

My main aim is to give you the basics so you can make an informed decision whether this will work for you. Small changes in our life can sometimes have massive results down the road. I won’t try to baffle you with science, just give you a taste of what can be achieved with very little effort. This was something I stumbled upon whilst I was on my road to recovery and a healthier life.

What is Food Combining

In Laymans’ terms, which is the only way I can describe this, food combining is the art of eating single food groups. When I say food groups, I am talking about, carbohydrates, proteins,fats,fibre,minerals, and so forth. For example, steak is classed Food groups

as protein whereas potato is a carbohydrate (A starchy one at that) The idea is that we eat these foods combined with other foods in the same group. Simples.

Why on Earth Would we do That.

Ever had that Sunday lunch ? meat,roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, two or three types of vegetables, gravy any maybe even cranberry or horse radish sauce. Followed by a large piece of apple pie, covered in custard. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Then about half an hour after you’ve finished all you can do is sit on the sofa and try not to fall asleep. You’d’d think after refueling with all those nutrients you’d be feeling ready to take on the world.

Your body is now in overdrive. It’s filling your stomach with enzymes, acidic and alkaline. To try to break down the food ready and take out all the goodies hidden inside. Well that’s the theory, in practice, not so much. What’s actually happening in this instance is that many of the chemicals secreted are being cancelled out by each other and another by-product of this food fight is the build up of gases and some fermentation. Then end result is that we feel bloated and the whole process of extracting nutrients becomes very inefficient.

Sounds Boring and a Pain


No pain, no gain. I’m fairly sure that little sound bite has actually been ‘myth-busted’ many times over. However, for now it works. You want to get fit ? Exercise does the job but it can be a pain. To achieve our goals in life sometimes we have to do things that we find hard. You just have to weigh up the benefits or pros’ against the effort, the cons’

We are not talking about looking at a plate with just potatoes on for your tea. There are loads of options available to you. This is just a starting point for you to see if you can implement any of it into your life. Remember any small change you make on a daily basis will help. You don’t have to do it all at once. The disclaimer is that this method should be used as part of a balanced healthy diet.

Did You Know ?

Fruit takes, on average, 20 to 30 minutes to digest. Even better is Melon which only takes about 10 minutes. In fact, it is an ideal starter because it does a good job of cleansing the gut. Mixing fruit with other food groups can cause fermentation….that’s one of the reasons you can feel bloated.Bloated

Some protein can take up to 3 to 5 hours to digest in the stomach…..and a total journey of food can take between 24 and 72 hours to complete its journey through the entire intestinal tract…To much information? You get the idea. Digestion is not a quick process and anything we can do to help is very much appreciated by the body.

Enzymes that help break down the food in your stomach can be both acidic and alkaline. I did not know that until recently. So put two opposing types of food in the stomach at the same time and neither is going to get the full treatment as the enzymes will try to cancel each other out.

Water, which is majorly alkaline, should be avoided at meal times (the odd sip is acceptable) because it dilutes the juices in the stomach and makes them less potent when they’re trying to do their job. A glass of water about 30 minutes prior to a meal is ideal and if you’re also trying to lose weight this can help as you don’t eat as much because you’ve filled up on some water first…that’s as good as Buy One Get One Free.

So that you plate does not look like something on a nouveau cuisine menu, there are some things you can do to help. You can eat leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables with everything. Pair starches with healthy fats and vegetables. Put protein together with non-starchy vegetables. To add a little zest to your meal you use spices, herbs and citrus as they are neutral.

One last tip, have smaller portions, more often. Less to digest takes less time. Oh, eat fruit on its own.

It’s a Lot to Digest ? Not Really


Full up yet ? Yes, I know it’s a bit of a head-spinner. Who would have thought there was so much involved in eating. Bring back the days of simple meals, three times a day. No additives, preservatives, all fresh. Well, those days don’t have to be in the past. You could start right now, if you chose to. I know, life seems to be a bit more complicated now. Eating on the go, microwave meals and so on.

So, if all I’ve done is started you thinking about food and how we eat, then that, at least, is a start. There are some fantastic websites out there dedicated to the subject, which are well worth a look. Should you be more interested in the science then you will easily find content to sate your appetite.

I have merely tried to provide an introduction to food combining and I hope that it will start you on a journey to a healthier life.


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