Audio Has The Power to Help You


For many of us, we take anything audio related for granted and never really consider that audio has the power to help us Music is all around us but quite often is just there in the background. In shopping Malls, elevators, car stereos and the like. Yes, we all have our favourites but for the most part it’s just there and we don’t always pay too much attention to it. Unless, of course, one of our ‘tunes’ is playing and then we take note.

I Was No Different

I was no different. I had spent much of my life working in environments where music was just around. Every now and then something would be playing that caught my attention. I’d arrive home and the radio would be on in the kitchen, I’d walk past

one of the childrens rooms and would catch something blaring away.

It wasn’t a distraction, unless it was too loud, or one of us needed to have a conversation in the vicinity of whatever device was playing. I never really gave it a second thought. Just part of the fabric that makes up our daily lives.

Home Alone

As you know by now, my life circumstances had changed. No longer was I out of the house twelve plus hours a day, six or seven days a week. Now I was at home. Children were at school and my wife was working part-time. So for large portions of the week, I was on my own.

Solitude can sometimes be a good thing. Sometimes not, especially when you start to spend that time thinking. I needed a distraction. Our brains are highly complex but ironically they can be easily manipulated, you just need to work out how. I had cleaned everything I possibly could. Cleared out a load of junk, either by selling or taking to the tip, basically kept myself as busy as possible. It wasn’t long before I was running out of things to do.

Luckily, being a family of six, there was never a shortage of ironing.

Words To Iron By.

Try as I might, I cannot, for the life of me, remember how exactly I found my way to the first audio book. Before my life had taken on the shape of a pear, I had been an avid reader. Sometimes tow or three books on the go at a time. Now I didn’t have the attention span. There’s probably some medical explanation associated with depression, that would explain it but I don’t know what that is. All I knew was that I was in need of some form of stimulus and if it started with audio books, that was fine by me.

I had an old, small netbook. I hooked it up in the kitchen, connected the headphone jack port to the aux on my radio and started to surf the net for anything that might keep me entertained whilst I ironed, what seemed a never ending pile of laundry.

Audio Book Of Revelations

It quickly became apparent that I had opened up a whole new world of audio delight. I signed up to a couple of sites that allowed me to download content and listen to my hearts content. The novelty, however was relatively short-lived. I needed more, something that would engage me. Don’t get me wrong, listening to the back catalogue of Stephen King or John Le Carre was way cooler than ironing in silence but it lacked a certain..well it just didn’t captivate me.

In one of my moments of random net trawling, my attention was drawn to material that had more purpose. I started to look into the ‘self-help’ genre. I wanted to listen and learn and the same time. If that learning was also going to help me, then so much the better.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I struck listening gold with the first sift of my search ‘pan’ Tony Robbins ‘Personal Power’. I had never come across anything quite like it. I read the intro on the website and thought, well it has to be worth a go. A veritable step by step guide to changing your life. You know what, it did.

Armed with a few downloads, ironing board, iron, huge pile of clothes and a notepad, I began a journey that has continued to this day.

So Much To Listen To So Little Time.

How’s’ that for a paradox, well not really a paradox, maybe more ironic, sort of. I had been swept away and now yearned for another wash load to dry. I smashed my way through the downloads. Never having been too proud to take advice and act on it if, it would in some way help me. Certain narrators or personalities will ‘grate’ with you or ‘rub you up the wrong way’ I get that. We don’t all want to listen to Mantovani, well I don’t, so I understand that my choices of audible mentors might not be your cup of tea. Duly noted.

There was so much information being delivered I had to get a notepad so I could jot stuff down between garments. I was not a sanctimonious believer, some of the recommendations just worked for me. I started to implement ideas into my daily goings on. I gave myself my own ‘Hour of Power’

It could all be down to the fact that this one was the first I listened to, I don’t know. All I do know is, much of what I listened to, I liked. Not only that, every so often there would be a mention a name or a book that he had found helpful. I would then go on the hunt for this person or book and see what they had to offer. It was like some sort of cascade effect.

Jim Rohn, Dick Sutphen, Harv Eker, Pete Egoscue, Static Contraction Training, Mega Greens, Alkaline Diets, vegetarianism, breathing, meditation,mindfulness, exercise, NLP, to name but a few.

The above are just a few of the people, books and ideas that have been put on my radar. I will at some point try to put together another page or two with some of the other great material I came across. I have over the ensuing years, passed on some of my findings to friends, some have even borrrowed audio downloads. Not all of them resonated with the authors as I did but hey, we’re all different.

Your Future Is What You Make It.

Is that title a cliche.? Maybe it is, I love cliches, they just sum up exactly what you’re trying to say. This one is no different. The future is what you make it. That doesn’t mean you can’t take someone elses advice. I have listened to hundreds of hours of seminars,training programs,speeches and sometimes just ramblings. Not all of it was good, some of it was dire but I was not to know until I had listened.

You take out what you need and apply it. It may work for you, it may not. Piece by piece you will interweave the strands you have heard into the fabric of your own life and design your future.

I made massive changes in my life but I didn’t do it alone. You don’t have to either.

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