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Hi everyone and welcome to MyPathwayForward.com. Let me tell you about me and why I am excited that you have found this site and why I hope you will use this as a second step The -pathway-forwardtowards making changes in your life that will ultimately lead to a greater level of happiness and success. The first step you took on your own, in making the decision to look for help, advice or just ideas for your own journey forwards.

About ten years ago or so I suffered two major bouts of depression, I didn’t know that the first time but most definitely did the second. The second time I looked into ‘The Abyss’ and I’ll be honest, I wanted to jump in. I wasn’t sleeping, I was drinking way too much just to try and calm my mind, I couldn’t leave the house I just wanted to lie on the sofa and watch dross on the TV. All of this was alien to me and I had no idea of how to cope or deal with it. Anything sound familiar?

I was lucky that I had a wonderfully supportive wife and children. They carried the weight of family life and allowed me the time I needed, with the help of medication and counseling,to recover. One of the hardest things I think they had to do was to ‘Back off’ and start letting me try to sort things out myself…. Even to this day they are an inspiration.


I couldn’t return to the job I had previously been doing so I became a ‘House husband’ which also allowed my wife to pursue her career full-time without having to come home and deal with the day to day household stuff that needed doing. I needed to stay busy and in a house of six that wasn’t a problem… Ironing became my salvation.

So how does any of this help you? Well I realised that I needed help in putting myself back in a position where I could be useful again. Depression had left me but I knew it would always be lurking in the background waiting for another bite of the apple. After a couple of failed attempts at ‘Online working from home’ schemes I came across a CD all about setting up your own business, internet marketing, motivation etc. Well it was a game changer for me. I listened to it many times over. Then I started to look for other material and found that there was a wealth of content right at my fingertips. Needless to say I dived right in and bought, read and listened to as much as I could.

This brings me to why we are here. Not one single CD or book or download was the catalyst for me, it was all of them, being able to take portions of each one and being able to apply that knowledge to my life. If I had all the information to hand in one place would it have made my healing process quicker? I don’t know but I do know now that I would have liked to have had opportunity.

My goal is to be enable you the opportunity to share some of what I have had the good fortune to come across. Also, that you will find your own sources of inspiration and motivation and that you will be able to pass those on to others.

This should be a place for you to start your journey into changing any aspect of your life, whether that be your health, mental or otherwise. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to make loads of changes all at the same time, sometimes a small alteration can make a big difference.                                                                                                                Thank you for taking the time to read my storyBuilding-together

and I look forward to building this site together with your help

Be well,

Twack Romero


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